Take Back: Our Bodies ~ The Contact Theatre, Manchester
This Saturday 6 May, the award-winning Take Back theatre collective will be presenting their latest production, Take Back: Our Bodies at The Contact Theatre, Manchester.
Take Back Theatre was set up by actor, Julie Hesmondhalgh, writer Becx Harrison and visual artist Grant Archer in 2015, as an artistic response to social and political events, by commissioning urgent, short script-in-hand pieces of theatre to be performed at different venues each time.
Take Back: Our Bodies will feature a selection of brand new performances on the politics of the body – from gender, identity, sexuality and sexual health, to able-ism, fat-shaming and reproductive rights.
“Never since the 60’s has the body been such a political battlefield, with our reproductive rights in constant jeopardy, daily reports of increasingly horrific treatment of gay people in Chechnya and Tunisia, people with disabilities having their hard won support cut by our own government, plus the huge pressure from society to look and behave in certain ways. The Trump administration has emboldened those who feel our choices, sexuality, gender, self image are up for grabs. Take Back our Bodies is a timely response in attempting to address some of these issues.”  (Julie Hesmondhalgh)
Since it was set up 18 months ago, Take Back has responded to a variety of social issues and topical events, including Brexit, Donald Trump’s inauguration, as well as issues such as immigration and benefit cuts. They have also diversified into more installation-based work, creating immersive that explores political and social issues in more depth.
Take Back recently won the Stagedoor Foundation Award for Excellence at the Manchester Theatre Awards.
Tickets are available for Take Back: Our Bodies from the Contact Theatre or online: 
Suitable for age 16 upwards.
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