Pokemon Go Chilango

Get a red hot reward at Chilango for finding the rare Pokemon first this weekend

Mexican restaurant Chilango is showing its support to gamers around Manchester as the craze of Pokemon Go descends across the city, by encouraging players to catch the rarest Pokemon in return for a exclusive foodie bonus.

We can’t find him! Be the first to catch Moltres in Manchester and dash to Chilango before 5pm on Monday 18th July. The first person to show their catch at the till will be the lucky winner of a Chilango VIP Royalty Card – which entitles the winner to one free meal a week until April next year!

Here’s the Pokemon you need to look out for…

Moltres Pokemon Go

Gamers who aren’t used to leaving the comfort of their own homes are being challenged to get up off their sofas and venture out into the city to find the rare and legendary bird character with a fiery power for a spicy reward. But will you be the first?

It’s not an easy feat capturing Pokemon, running length and breadth across the city, so Chilango are here to fuel players and help catch ‘em all!

For more information visit www.chilango.co.uk

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