Gideon Conn is well known on the Manchester indie folk scene for effortlessly blending acoustic folk and hip hop, Gideon has a unique performance style which delights audiences. He was also known for doing drawings at gigs and giving them to bands as a souvenir.

UK Support tours have included Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip and Jason Mraz followed with appearances at Glastonbury, Bestival, Latitude and several other festivals. ‘Trademark’ featured on Rob Da Bank’s Bestival A-Z compilation.

Conjoined with music, Sculpture is  Gideon’s number 1 passion. His work is often abstract and usually, involves rhythm and processes. It’s about materials and how they behave, discovering the unexpected things they can do, and always about finding ways of breaking up space and the search for a new aesthetic. Materials include wood, paper fliers, ceramics, plastic, fabric, electric cable, cardboard and whatever else I can get my hands on. Influences include Matisse, Brancusi, Richard Deacon and much more.

In 2015 Gideon connected with the Wonder Inn and became an artist in residence which led to a year-long collaboration with Maxine Gilbert for their BREAKING THE COLOURS exhibition.  

Maxine loves cutting glass and Gideon is passionate about cutting wood with a jigsaw. This exhibition is the result of two studio colleagues discovering that their skills and materials are compatible to create works that could not have been achieved separately. Gideon draws the lines; Maxine provides the colour; creating a world full of shapes, personalities and imagination.


About Maxine


Maxine, at the age of 48, has more or less finished bringing up four children and is now using her time creating art with coloured glass.

Maxine had private tuition studying The Tiffany Technique in Toulouse France. On completion of this, she worked at local craft fairs. She also took commissions for various pieces of Tiffany work.

In 2002 she moved from France to London where she continued to take commissions until the birth of her fourth child in 2004.

When she moved to Manchester she joined the art studio at The Wonder Inn where she met Gideon Conn. He invited her to collaborate on a piece of work. This involved moving away from The Tiffany Technique to work with wood instead of lead.

On completion of this piece of work Maxine realised she loved working with wood and glass.

Maxine continues to work with Gideon creating art using wood and glass. She also enjoys doing Tarot card readings at The Wonder Inn.

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